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Piper methysticum

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Name: kava extract

Details: Specification: 30% kava lactones

Plant Latin name: Piper methysticum
Extracts: the root and rhizome

The role and purposes:
1, sedative and hypnotic effects kava significant sedative and hypnotic effects, and no to David and addiction. Kava root in powder, chloroform extract and methysticin, kavain, dihydromethysticin monomer, such as animal experiments, was found to significantly prolong pentobarbital-induced sleep time in mice, with the strongest dihydromethysticin role.
2, anti-spasmodic effect kavapyrones experiments on mice and other animals have the new s-like role in muscle relaxation, specifically against strychnine, morphine contrast with the role of a more lasting, than the s-new and more effective protection of small mice against strychnine-induced convulsions and the lethal effect.
3, the role of local anesthesia on the lips were a little sticky from kava root powder that is slightly burning and numbness, the feeling of acupuncture showed the decline; when chewing kava root 15min after the anesthesia strengthening, suggesting that there is a genuine local anesthesia with ; subcutaneous kava extract can lead to a few hours to several days of peripheral nerve palsy.
4, anti-fungal role kavapyrones found for most gram-positive bacteria and non-negative bacteria growth inhibition, only flavokavain C (I) have a certain role. Kavapyrones for most part of a significant inhibition of fungi, including some pathogens. Some derivatives of fungal resistant plants. Entamoeba Yangonin killing activity.
5, the other the role of kava extract (±)-kavain prevent experimental cerebral ischemia in rats due to tissue injury. Animal experiments have shown methysticin and dihydromethysiticin brain of rodents have an indirect protective effect.

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